Selecting and proposing innovation, CODE

Our Approach

HumanIT’s founders met with Program, Technology and Leadership members of the CODEteam to gain an understanding of the current program, donor and technology situation. We took time to get to know CODE’s mission and the vision of the specific program.

Armed with this background and the expectations of the donor, we guided the team through some options for enhancing their program delivery (and in this case, reach) with an e-learning platform accompanied by a mobile app. Through several iterations we proposed a plan, timeline and high-level costing to their donor.

Next step: Supporting the staffing, delivery and reporting on this innovative project.

What HumanIT can do for you

These days, Donors are looking for the integration of technology into every type of program delivery but adding tech for the sake of tech can distract from your vision, be a waste of investment and put strain on the hard-working delivery teams. We can work with you to find the technology innovation that fits into you mission and help to define a smart approach to bringing it to life and sustaining it.