RFI and Requirements Preparation, Women’s Economic Council (WEC)

Our Approach

WEC’s Jigsaw Puzzle Project began in 2015. Since then, a committee of dedicated project leads and volunteers have worked hard to define the requirements for an online space that anyone interested in women-centred CED and women-led social enterprise can access to find resources and collaborate all in support of their goal, ‘Economic Security for every woman’.  So, what’s next?

HumanIT was engaged with WEC to support the transition from vision to reality. As part of WEC’s Technical Working Group, HumanIT representatives leant their expertise in RFI/P creation and management to support the creation and evaluation of an RFI/P process to select a vendor who will make this vision a reality.

Note: HumanIT also sits on WEC’s National Advisory Committee.

What HumanIT can do for you:

The creative process of documenting an idea for a new site or tool for your organization is both fun and challenging but once you have the idea, what happens next? We can help to articulate your vision into something that is understandable and attractive to tech vendors and help you find the right partner to deliver it. We can take you step by step through the creation of RFP materials, sourcing potential partners, evaluating their proposals and even creating contracts that support the way you work and make bringing your idea to reality fun.