Process and Tool Evaluation/Collaboration, Junior Achievement Ottawa

Our Approach

JA Ottawa, a program of the Ottawa Network for Education, works with volunteers and partners to offer programs to local area schools to inspire youth to start a business, make better financial decisions and chart a career path. With a tiny staff, they create and co-ordinate the delivery of hundreds of sessions a year across the city. The team works tirelessly for their success which made them wonder, is there not an easier way to do this?

This is where the HumanIT team came in. In a collaborative, exploratory session we worked with the staff to document the processes and tools they have in place, brainstorming around areas of challenge from user registration to document production. The team guided discussion of problem points from administration to fundraising and helped guide the JA staff to create plans of action for creating efficiency through tools and process.

What HumanIT can do for you:

Are you overwhelmed? Looking for technology solutions but not sure which way to turn? What to improve the efficiency of tasks without over-burdening your staff with fancy new tools? We can help. We will spend time with you and your team to identify opportunities to introduce tools and processes that will allow you and your staff more time to focus on making your vision a reality.