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Nonprofits are far more than the recipient of an organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility program. They represent a greater platform for innovation and research, skills development; and employee engagement.

In partnering with HumanIT, you join a growing conglomeration of private technology companies taking advantage of this opportunity for the growth of their company. Here’s how:


In chaos, intensity and complexity lie creative solutions. In contributing to a HumanIT project, your experts will evolve their thinking to leverage technology in a manner less encumbering than in a commercial or corporate environment. Your experts will have the opportunity to unleash creativity.

recruitmentRecruitment and Retention:

You rely on talent with recent skills, domain experience and energy to grow and thrive. This talent is increasingly purpose driven. A HumanIT project provides that kind of purpose.


The nonprofit environment offers a low risk training ground for your employees. A HumanIT project will push team members to be creative and innovative while taking into account sustainability and efficiency. Their interaction with new technologies will provide them knowledge they can later apply to commercial projects, which will increase their effectiveness and value within your organization.

how-it-worksHow it works:

Once HumanIT accepts the project, members take on those that are best matched to their skills, technology focus and resource availability. Members set their own cost-recovery level rates and operate as sub-contractors to the HumanIT project. Commitment to HumanIT projects must be treated as any other contracted client commitment. As with any other client, this is an opportunity for members to showcase their ability to deliver.

commitmentsMember Commitments:

We ask that members do the following:
• Advertise their participation in the HumanIT Project
• Allow their name and logo to be used in conjunction with the project
• Submit testimonials and photos of stakeholders for the HumanIT website


We are looking for impact driven technology companies. If you are interested in engaging with us:


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