Upcoming Presentation: Social Impact as a Platform for Innovation

HumanIT Project partners with Right To Play and Foci Solutions to deliver this thought provoking presentation to the Women in Communications and Technology professional association.

Here is the synopsis:

All around us, the democratization of information through technologies, such as social media, has created an environment in which our workforce is increasingly purpose-driven; the citizen demand for action on social and environmental issues is growing; and a highly technology confident generation is launching innovation at an unprecedented rate.

Therein lies a unique opportunity for social innovation. Where fully exploited, this opportunity will instigate a level of social change not yet experienced. The resourcefulness, dedication and mission-focus of non-profits combined with the ingenuity of private-sector technology expertise, supported by the mass of useful data made available through Open Government initiatives will drive cross-sector progress:

  • progress for non-for-profit organizations tackling these social and environmental problems;
  • progress for the private-sector firms creating more innovative and sustainable solutions; and
  • progress for government organizations pursuing increased public impact and engagement.

Join this presentation to hear how the strengths of three sectors can be leveraged to develop and apply sustainable, scalable and useable solutions to immediate social and environmental problems. Come and learn how the integration of three sectors will ignite the kind of innovation and tangible outcome capable of deep social impact.

For information on how to attend this presentation, visit WCT.


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