HumanIT’s Year In Review

This time last year, we were six people doing our thing. We were building businesses, advising government, and playing with technology. Now, we’re six people leveraging our knowledge and experience to advocate for bigger and better: bigger impact, better uses of technology, better uses of funding dollars, all to solve social problems we, as world citizens, can no longer ignore.
So what was 2015 like for The HumanIT Project team?
  • In the midst of reading tech articles, case studies, project documentation, financial reports, we read the Gates Foundation Annual Letter.
  • Compelled to join a movement of leveraging tech for good, we developed our social innovation model
  •  We formed a team and got to work
  • We secured and delivered our first project with Right To Play International (Stay tuned for the Case Study!)
  • We used every opportunity to promote our model in private, public and nonprofit sector networks
  • We built our online presence leveraging social media to gain the interest of awesome people like YOU!
  • We put our corporate hats on to develop foundation documents including our Strategic Plan, our annual business plan, our communications and marketing strategy
  • We incorporated as a nonprofit on November 22, 2015 and formed our Board of Directors
  • We have a pipeline of projects for the new year and exciting speaking opportunities coming up (Stay tuned for details!).
  • Most importantly, we met FANTASTIC people along the way willing to give us their time, their ideas, the perspective, and their opinions, all of which has helped guide our efforts.

Where would we like to be this time next year? By the end of 2016, we’d like:

  • A growing community of cross-sector, multidisciplinary community builders who see the advancements in technology as an enabler to unprecedented progress in social problems
  • A published annual report including our projects, our advocacy work and their impact
  • A growing relationship with universities, charities and technology companies
  • A formal launch event in the form of a Social Good Hackathon
  • A growing list of speaking engagements allowing us to promote the paradigm shifts in the private and nonprivate sectors we’re working to drive
  • Advancements we can point to in terms of how cross-sector partnerships makes change happen FASTER and with greater IMPACT.

And some funding to make all of this possible would be alright… !

We’re still building businesses, advising government, and playing with technology. Our time with HumanIT has been a highlight of 2015. Our greatest hope is for some of you to say the same come December 2016.


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