Why we exist?

We believe simple technology can help solve big problems.

At HumanIT, we believe social impact represents the ideal ground for technology innovation. We leverage this ground by applying technology solutions to social problems. In so doing, we combine the knowledge and creativity of the technology sector with the nonprofit’s passion for social change to ignite innovation and deliver tangible results.

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What we do

We forge partnerships between nonprofit organizations and private sector technology companies for the purpose of making IT solutions integral to the delivery of social missions. We work with the nonprofit to identify opportunities for technology enablement. We then pull from their membership of technology firms to design and deliver the project.

Tech enablement

Our belief in the enabling power of technology fuels us to work with nonprofits to understand their mandates, programs, and processes.

Sustainable Solutions

Where opportunities for technological enablement reside, we pull from the necessary expertise to design and deliver sustainable, scalable and immediately useable solutions.

Ground for Real Innovation

We have seen partnerships with non-profit organizations provide massive benefits in employee engagement, skills development, and technology innovation.

Value for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are at the forefront of social impact and change. You have the ability to envision solutions that are creative, global and beyond those imagined in the business world. Delivering on these programs, however, is often resource intensive and pushes against financial and personnel constraints .

By harnessing technological innovation, we provide solutions that conserve rather than drain resources – the kind of solutions nonprofits typically don’t have access to. The nonprofit is then positioned to make IT an integral and enabling element of their program delivery.

Value for Technology Companies

Contribution to HumanIT supports the growth of your company on two fronts:

1: The resource constraints and complexity of programs that define the nonprofit sector combined with a focus on outcomes unencumbered by organizational overhead fuels a level of innovation not typically possible in a corporate environment.

2: With an increasingly purpose-driven workforce, companies can leverage involvement in impactful projects to support their employee engagement, recruitment, and development strategies.

In joining forces with HumanIT, your organization has the opportunity to ignite, learn and benefit from the kind of innovation your workforce is increasingly thirsting for.